July 31, 2017

Pattern Review - Planet Plush Whale Pattern

Hi Everyone!

I have tons of plush soft toy patterns and I always get asked for plush toy pattern recommendations, so I thought I'd post some pattern reviews and share my thoughts on patterns I've tried and love!

This week I tried out the Planet Plush humpback whale pattern and what a cute whale it is!

(Above photo and Pattern by Planet Plush)

This cute little humpback whale pattern was easy to follow, but you do need some sewing experience to figure out how the pieces fit together as there are no picture tutorial included in the pattern.  

Nine written steps guide you through the order in which pieces are sewn together.

Here is my work in progress.
The pattern is completely stitched with a sewing machine to the point where you stuff it and close the seam by hand.  Due to the small size however, I do recommend enlarging the pattern slightly as I had some trouble getting my machine foot into the small space where the tail connects to the body, but a 5-10% enlargement should make it big enough for you not to have an issue sewing the tail on.

Without enlarging the pattern the finished whale is around 10 inches long and 6 inches high. 

The finished whale is true to the pattern picture and from start to finish it took less than an hour to make - a great project if you need a quick cute gift for an upcoming baby shower or birthday party!

My finished whale!

Overall I give the pattern a 5 star review!  It's quick, easy and the end result is adorable!

Would you like to try this pattern yourself?!?  
You can purchase the Planet Plush Humpback Whale Pattern HERE.

Until next time! Arrivederci!
P & J

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