June 19, 2017

Vote for plushie of the week!

Hi Everyone!

I've been busy busy busy... but please follow me on Facebook where I'm much more active!
I now have a fun little voting game every Monday on Facebook for the plush of the week!
Please stop by and cast your vote! The plush of the week is reveal every Thursday or Friday!

Here are a few of the past winners...

Week 1
Voting was between Eggs or Avocado's.  Avocado won Week 1's voting.
You might have seen them in my post on June 1st.

Even though eggs did not take plush of the week,  I decided to add heart shaped eggs to my shop as well!

Week 2
Voting was between Salmon and Sushi.  Sushi won week 2's voting.
I made two different designs of sushi... the roll and the pillow!

Week 3
Voting was between the whale and the octopus.  The octopus won week 3's voting.
This design was really fun and was made off a pattern that I got from ChebetoShop on Etsy.

This week... this week's voting is between Uncle Sam and the Bald Eagle!!!
Who will win?!?!  Head over to my Facebook page to cast your vote!

One last update... I now also have a Twitter account where you can follow me and be the first to see
new listings...yeah!

That's all from me for this week!  
Wishing everyone a happy and beautiful summer!

P & J 

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