April 28, 2017

Apples and Earths

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are doing well!  I've been SO busy since January, I've had no time to update my blog (sad face!)

In January I signed up for a 12 week weight loss boot-camp hosted by my gym to get off some of my winter plush haha!  Wednesday was my last weigh-in and I was thrilled to learn I lost 16 pounds over the last three months!

I'm proud and haven't exercised that hard in many, many years!  Don't you just love when hard work pays off!?!?  I do!

With all the healthy eating I've done, I thought what better way to celebrate than to make a few healthy food plushies!

Meet the Apples!

These guys are already available in my Etsy shop and they are cute as can be!

I also added a brand new feature that would make the little apple 
a fun gift for your favorite fun loving teacher, friend or co-worker!  
I can turn it into a paper holder by adding poly beads
to make it a heavy plush.

The apples come in two sizes... large which measures around 7.5 inches wide
and mini, which measures around 4.5 inches wide.

- - - - - - - - - - 

A little late for Earth Day... but I have one Earth plushie left!
These were made exclusively for Earth Day 2017
and they won't be listed again until next year!

And last, but not least in any way!
Here is a little custom order share I finished this week!

Meet Dr. Orange!

I made two custom Dr. Oranges for a customer of mine and 
thought this was such a great item I am definitely going to make
a few more "career" plushies!

I'm thinking a teacher, handyman, chef, nurse?  
What else would you like to see listed?  

Leave your answer in the comment section or connect with me on Facebook!

P & J

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