January 26, 2017


Hi Everyone!

This year we have had one of the nicest winters in Maryland.  It's almost hard to believe we are enjoying 55℉ at the beginning of February!  

Ponki, my dog, has been thoroughly enjoying the weather and all the play time she's been able to squeeze out of me.  (Not that I'm a sucker for her cute "play?!?!" face at all.)

January 11, 2017

Under the sea and an updated Dino-zilla!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm kicking off 2017 with an underwater theme!

Not everyone likes canned sardines, but who can resist a 
soft plush sardine in a fluffy sea anemone?!?!

No fishy smell with this guy!

If you have children, you are probably no stranger to the 
kids show Bubble Guppies on Nickjr. 

A couple of months ago a friend of mine requested a custom order
of Bubble Kitty who is featured in the book "Meet Bubble Kitty!"

Here is the custom order I did for her, but I fell in love with the result 
and decided to make another "mer-cat" to list in my Etsy Shop!

This little mer-cat is now available in purple!
I would love to make it in a few more colors... what do you think!?!
Let me know which color you would love to see it in, in the comments!

And to match "Mer-cat" I've constructed a little starfish pillow
that is oh so snuggly! 
(Also now available in my Etsy Shop!)

Last but definitely not least... I've done an update for my Dino-zilla 
that I created in July 2015.

This guy is a little more detailed with arms and legs, and a big grin
with sharp white teeth!  Here he is posing with a round playmate!

Well, that is all from me for now!
I'm looking for theme ideas for February... so please let me know what you
would like to see more of in February in the comments!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and bountiful New Year!