August 31, 2016

Custom orders... macaroon, cat boxes, letters, hippo and husky

Hi Everyone,

I've been knee deep in custom orders for a couple of weeks now and thought I'd share what I've completed up to this point...

Mr. French Macaroon  

The idea concept was submitted by Abslene Fowl.

Mr. Macaroon complete with moustache, bowtie and french beret!

Beeju Boxes - Cat Boxes

Beeju Cat boxes is a design concept from Bethany G. with Beeju Boxes.
 I made these stuffed boxes for one of their upcoming promotions.

Little Bear

Little bear is copy of the a custom order I did three years ago.  The first bear was for the celebration of a little girl's birth called Mia and this week's bear was for her new little brother Dylan!

The first custom bear I made for Mia.
Dylan's little bear with matching t-shirts.

 Letters for Fusion!

Check out more about Fusion Academy Here


This is a design and custom toy I created from a design concept by one of my customers.

Little Hippo

Last but not least, I finished this little hippo for a customer in the United Kingdom!

That is all for now folks!


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