June 9, 2016

Little Dragon Resin Sculpture

Last year after completing my "dino-zilla" I had a little brain spark and thought he would look adorable as a resin sculpt.  And so the project began!

Dino-zilla for those who don't remember... RAWR! Hehehe

If you ever want to sculpt and then create a mold out of your design ideas the absolute best clay to use for sculpting moldable pieces is Monster Clay!  This stuff is AWESOME and I've learned in my research that every serious artist/sculptor swears by it!  Especially if you are like me and don't like clay residue stuck to your hands while or after you've sculpted something.

Mini-me Dino-zilla in his Monster Clay form.

You can create some amazing three dimensional designs with Monster Clay, I decided to keep it simple for this project.  Once you have your completed sculpt, you build what I call a "molding base", around your sculpture.  This is where you pour your rubber compound in to make a rubber mold of your design.  As soon as the mold is done drying (about 6-12 hours), you can easily remove the monster clay, wash out the mold and prep it for resin.

There are many kinds of resin, but I found the most durable, easy to prime and paint, lightweight resin to be Smooth-On's liquid plastic compound.  Not to mention this stuff hardens in less than 5 minutes!  Perfect for those of us who are impatient... ha!

Resin version of Dino-zilla.

Once you have the resin figurine you'll want to sand and prime it.  I've tried several primers with the Smooth-On liquid plastic compound, but the one I found works the best is Plasticote's Sandable Primer.  Another tidbit of advice - the primer comes in several colors and the gray works the best.
It gives you a better idea of where you've primed and sanded on the white plastic.

I did a little color swatches to help me decide which color combinations I liked best before painting.

For painting, I used Americana Acrylic paint and it works great as long as you've properly sanded and primed all areas of your resin sculpt.

Dino-zilla getting some color.

When you're done painting you want to seal your paint to protect it from chipping, cracking or fading. I love the Liquitex acrylic varnish that comes in either gloss or matte.

Dino-zilla painted and varnished.

I added glass eyes to my Dino-zilla to make it look more lively.  The best place to search for glass eyes is at your local craft store or check out Etsy.com.

Happy crafting everyone!

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