February 1, 2016

A sprinkle of green!

Hi Everyone!

Happy February 1st to all!  
I'm hoping everyone is on track with what they want to accomplish this year. 
I had a slight misfortune that ended up with a trip to the emergency room, but no biggy. 
I'm already back on the horse and sewing like crazy!

My little misfortune was me trying to put a chalkboard together at 1am,
which resulted in me cutting my finger in half on the sheet metal insert.  
Luckily it was my left hand! For now... no more crafting at 1am! LOL!

New this week in my Etsy shop I have two little characters...
Meet Tony the Toad!

Tony likes to come out at night and sit under the light of the fireflies next to Farmer John's pond.
Tony might be a little warty, but he has a big heart!

Tony comes with his little fly friend made from felt.


Sam the singing pineapple!
He's an opera star who loves to sing lullabies!

Wishing everyone a splendid week!