January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!

Wishing everyone beautiful moments, 
treasured memories, 
and all the blessings a heart can know for the new year!

I've been crazy busy over December so I've neglected to keep everyone up to date on what I've been working on.  Not complaining... I LOVE being busy!  

I've completed some awesome custom orders in December, a couple I want to share.
The first was for a couple of adorable dragons.  These twins are headed to Texas to get fixed up with voice boxes... how awesome is that!?!  I really like how they turned out!

The second project was for the GE Idea monster.  If you haven't seen the commercial, watch it here!
I really enjoyed this project since it was outside of what I usually do, and it ended up being a great learning experience.  Believe it or not, dying faux fur is a real pain in the behind!

And now for the first new item in my shop for 2016!  I have little pineapple keychains available!
(Click on the photo to go to the listing.)

Also check out my new miniature penguins that comes with either a red
or green scarf... all bundled up and ready for the cold weather!

That's all the news I have for this week!
Wishing everyone a warm and cozy winter.

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