December 14, 2016

Fiona the snuggle fox!

Meet Fiona the red fox!

Fiona is a new item and design in my shop.  
I wanted to make a few bigger toys that would be perfect 
for snuggling during the cold winter months!

Fiona is the first larger toy in my new upcoming 2017 collection.

I have a limited quantity of the pink plaid fabric she's wearing as a scarf, 
so Fiona is a limited edition plush toy.

Fiona is large and measures 15 inches tall and around 10 inches wide.
Fiona the fox was generously stuffed to make her ideal for
hugging and snuggling, no matter what age you are!

I'll be working on a few friends for Fiona over Christmas.
Which woodland creature would you like to see as one of Fiona's friends?
Tell us in the comments!

Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful
Holiday Season!


November 27, 2016

Narwhals in NEW colors!

Narwhal lovers rejoice!  
My handmade narwhal toys are now be available in FIVE colors!

Pictured above is Pink and Blue...
but they are now also available in baby yellow, baby green and light gray!

Is there any other color you would love to see these narwhals in or any item 
in my Etsy store that you would like to see available in different colors?
Let me know in the comments below!!!


November 22, 2016

Turkey, Goat and Gnome

Hi my lovelies!

I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit!
I have a bunch of new characters listed on my Etsy Shop this week!

Meet Toni the Turkey!
Toni is a brown turkey on Farmer John's farm.  She loves roosting in the
barnyard with her chicken friends!

Meet Giddles the Goat!

Giddles the Pygmy goat is ready to play in the snow!  He welcomes the cold
winter with his handknitted red scarf and faux fur beard.  Giddles loves to 
roast marshmallows by the fireplace and snuggle under a warm blanket.
But most of all, he loves to tell stories about his adventures on Misty Mountain!

And last but not least, this little gnome just joined the crew!
He doesn't have a name yet... any ideas on what we can call him?

Happy Holidays!


November 12, 2016

Fall Leaves

Hi Everyone!
I have some super fun filled plushies coming your way in November and December!  I'm working on a bunch of new designs for my Etsy store that will be posted over the next two months. 

Here's what's new this week... autumn leaves!

These leaf pillows are available in five different colors or you can choose 
a custom color... pink, purple, blue... you name it, I'll make it!

PLUS, you can choose from six cute facial expressions to truly make 
your pillow fun and unique!

They are generously stuffed and the ideal size for small arms to hug and snuggle!

Happy Autumn to All!

October 25, 2016

Halloween Items!

Hi Everyone!

I still have a few Halloween related items available in my Etsy shop!  These are all ready to ship!
Here are a few new characters that I recently added:

Everyone knows Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King!!

A cute little Candy Corn... YUM!

And last but not least... a creepy zombie!

And these I've already posted about earlier this month:

Parker the Pumpkin

Buford Bat

Sliced Pineapple

Ebony the Black Cat

Happy Halloween!!

October 12, 2016

Halloween Pumpkin!

Last year I decided to make a purple bat (aka. Buford Bat) once a year on halloween, each year on a completely different design.  This is something I wanted to do to force myself to come up with and explore new ideas instead of getting stuck on the same design year after year.  
This year is no different! But this year Buford found a new friend!

Meet Parker the Pumpkin!

Parker is the smallest pumpkin in his family, but he doesn't let that get him down!
He takes on life with a big goofy smile and a heart filled with love.
Even though Parker is only a little pumpkin he's very brave.  He is not even remotely
scared of the big halloween scarecrow guarding the pumpkin patch!

Parker loves to spend time with Buford the bat!
In fact, they are best friends!

Check out Parker and Buford who are both now available in my Etsy shop!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday!

October 10, 2016

Custom Dog Orders

Hi Everyone!

This week I finished a couple of custom order dogs I just have to share!  Plus, I'm adding some new plushies to my shop this week, but I'll send out another blog post once I've photographed them all.

Meet Amos (and his plush version)!  
He's my latest custom plush order and don't you just love his adorable smile!?!

No name was given for this little girl, but she's adorable nonetheless!

 To see more of my custom orders I have them all posted on Flickr!

That's it for today!
I hope everyone has an amazing week!

October 3, 2016

Purple bats and Sliced Pineapple

Hi Everyone and Happy October!

It's no secret that Autumn is by far my favorite time of the year.  I love the smell of pumpkin spice, the beautiful reds, yellows and browns, and not to mention a nice cup of apple cider... yum!

I'm not really a fan of Halloween, but every year I do create a few 
Halloween inspired items and this year will be no different!

New in my Etsy shop, ready for a new home is a revised version of my 
purple bat from last year's Halloween collection.

Here is 2015's purple bat...

And the revised purple bat for this year...
a tad more plumpy than last year's version!

I've also been working on a few other ideas.
Here is a little drawing I did for a sliced pineapple which ended up becoming a plush toy.

He gives me a little bit of a Frankenstein feel.

I'm looking for more ideas... nothing too gory!
Let's hear your thoughts!  What would you like to see as a plush toy?
Leave  your suggestions in the comments below!

If your idea is made into a stuffed toy, you'll receive a 
50% OFF coupon to use at Ponki And Jeani!

Au Revoir!

September 26, 2016

September Cat Collection!

Hi Everyone!

This month I've been working on a collection of round kitty cats.  A couple of my friends told me that I have no cats in my shop and I didn't want anyone to feel like I was discriminating against our feline friends!  So here they are....

Meet Ebony!
She's an all black kitty with a mischievous smile, ready to rule the world!

Meet Bella!
She loves sunbathing on the front porch in her favorite leather recliner.

Meet Mew Mew!
She's a shy little kitty cat who loves to watch the squirrels play from her window sill.

I'll be adding a few more kitty cats before Christmas, so let me know in
the comments which colors you would like to see!

Have a wonderful week!

August 31, 2016

Custom orders... macaroon, cat boxes, letters, hippo and husky

Hi Everyone,

I've been knee deep in custom orders for a couple of weeks now and thought I'd share what I've completed up to this point...

Mr. French Macaroon  

The idea concept was submitted by Abslene Fowl.

Mr. Macaroon complete with moustache, bowtie and french beret!

Beeju Boxes - Cat Boxes

Beeju Cat boxes is a design concept from Bethany G. with Beeju Boxes.
 I made these stuffed boxes for one of their upcoming promotions.

Little Bear

Little bear is copy of the a custom order I did three years ago.  The first bear was for the celebration of a little girl's birth called Mia and this week's bear was for her new little brother Dylan!

The first custom bear I made for Mia.
Dylan's little bear with matching t-shirts.

 Letters for Fusion!

Check out more about Fusion Academy Here


This is a design and custom toy I created from a design concept by one of my customers.

Little Hippo

Last but not least, I finished this little hippo for a customer in the United Kingdom!

That is all for now folks!


August 19, 2016

Small Kawaii Notepads!

Yay Yay it's Friday!

I just added a new addition to my shop!  Little notebooks!

These little hand illustrated notebooks come in a set of 3 
and feature my best sellers... pineapple, strawberry and pear!

Each set consist of three classic moleskine miniature notebooks and has:
    • 64 acid free blank unlined pages, with 16 detachable pages
    • each book measures 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches
    • each book has the inner pocket on the back cover.

These small notebooks are wonderful to keep in your car, purse or handbag
 to jot down ideas, inspirations and to-do lists anywhere you go!

These little notebooks will only be available while supplies last!

Happy weekend!

July 5, 2016

Buzz the Horse Fly, Starwars and Puppies

This month I'm working on new creatures!

 I started on some small plushies in an attempt to use up all the
scrap fabric I have from my usual plush manufacturing and here are the results:

Meet Buzz the Horse Fly!
Available in my shop today!

A few Ewoks.... these will be available by the end of this week!

And a puppy dog!

That's all for today folks!
Have a lovely week!

June 30, 2016

Custom Stuffed Dogs

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  I've been pretty busy with making custom plushies.
Here are some fun custom dog stuffed toys I've made this summer...
Meet Abbey, Biscuit and Charlie!

And their stuffed version...

This doggy has no name... but we love her anyways!

I am still taking orders for custom pets this summer.
Just send me a picture of your dog, cat, bunny or bird
and I'll turn them into a stuffed animal!

Wishing everyone an awesome week!