October 6, 2015

Purple Squirrels

Hi Everyone!

The last week I've been covered in purple fur and fleece!  I got a big custom order for purple squirrels from a recruiting company that I finally finished this morning.  Apparently a 
"purple squirrel" is a term used by recruiters for a candidate with precisely the right education, experience, and qualifications that perfectly fits a job's multifaceted requirements.  Who knew!?!  

Purple squirrels taking shape!  Pinned and ready to be sewn.

The first four complete and posing with my original squirrel that made his first appearance in April...
he was overseeing the production process. 

I finally finished all eight squirrels... so of course... I had to make a little squirrel tower!

Ready to be boxed up for their trip to Pennsylvania!

Have a smashing week and stay tuned for some
Halloween items coming up later on this week!
P & J

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