September 28, 2015

Monkey Business

I think just about everybody knows the rhyme "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed..."
so this week's special treat is monkeys of course!

Usually my work doesn't come out exactly like the original hand drawn idea  that I start out with, because I always end up making small changes to the design as I go through the creation process, 
but this week I think my idea and the end result is almost an exact match.

I try to start most of my designs with a drawn out sketch of what I have in mind.
I've had my "spur of the moment" designs in the past where I would just take a piece of fabric.. cut it and sew it,
but I recommend thinking things through first in order to save on your fabric bill. 

For all my pieces I create my own pattern from scratch. This little monkey is getting cheeks and a mouth!

The finished piece! Not really thrilled with the fact that he now has to sit through a photoshoot...

but reluctantly he warm up to the idea and gave me his best 'Calvin Klein' pose!


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