August 24, 2015

Custom Orders & then some...

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in a while and thought I'd do a little update today!  Thanks to all my awesome customers, business is booming, which unfortunately leaves a little less time to update my blog and other pages, but please know I haven't forgotten about you!!

This week I've worked on several custom orders which I absolutely LOVE doing!  I love challenging myself to create items I've never done before, partially because of the problem solving aspect behind it and seeing things turn out how I envisioned.

My biggest challenge this week was creating a big bearded dragon plushie.  I ended up loving it so much that I had a hard time shipping it out... hahaha!

My Bearded Dragon Plushie!

I've also been working on some mini strawberry plushies (now available here)...

Strawberry Breakfast Bowl

Strawberry Triplets
AND... I'm also working on some new Halloween themed plushies which will become available starting today through the end of September!

Bat vs. Pumpkin!

Wishing everyone an AWESOME week!
P & J.


  1. Adorable! Your creative works are fun and oh so cute! You have a wonderful week as well!