May 11, 2015

Spider or Octopus?!?

This weekend while working on some new items, I had the cutest idea for a little purple spider. Unfortunately, it did not exactly turn out how I had hoped!  

A little squishier than originally intended, I decided to call it an octopus instead!

On another note, I was looking at some interesting facts about Octopuses...

Did you know that octopuses have three hearts?  
Two branchial hearts pump blood through each one of the two gills, while the third 
is a systemic heart that pumps blood through the body. 

Did you know that octopuses have blue blood?  
To survive in the depth of the ocean they have a copper rather than iron 
based blood which is blue in color.

Did you know that octopuses can smell what they are touching?  
An octopus's suctions cups are equipped with chemoreceptors 
so it can taste whatever it's touching.

Did you know that octopuses are incredibly intelligent?  
Laboratory experiments have shown that octopuses can be readily trained 
to distinguish between different shapes and patterns, 
and have been shown to use tools.

Did you know octopuses really do come in purple!?!  
Check out this Purple Octopus!

This little "octopus" will be available in my Etsy Shop tonight at 7 PM EST!

Have a fantastic week! 
from P & J.

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