March 3, 2015

Pugsley is BACK!! AND our first Giveaway!!

Update:  Congratulations to Tiana Summers 

on winning the cat magnet set!!

This week I decided little Pugsley needed a "makeover"!
He has gone from being flat, with a collar, arms and legs...

... to the new compact, version.
I'm still deciding whether or not I want to stick with the light pink inner ears
or go with the dark pink inner ears.  

What do you think?  Which Pugsley do you like better?
A. Pugsley with body, collar, arms and legs. (Pictured above)
B. Round head Pugsley. (Pictured below)

Leave your vote (A or B) in the comments below and stand a chance 
to win a free handmade 6 piece magnet set!

Thank you for voting!!! 

The winner of this giveaway will be announced on Friday March 20th!


  1. I like pugsley B the best! It's super cute!

    1. Hi Tiana,
      Congratulations on winning the cat magnet giveaway! Please send me your mailing for your prize to ponkiandjeani(at)

  2. I like Pugsley A! So cute and puggy!

  3. Thank you for voting everyone! With a random selection our winner of the cat magnet set is Tiana Summers!! Congratulations Tiana!!