March 16, 2015

The Little Mermaid!

I think all little girls love fantasy creatures... mermaids, unicorns, fairies!
As a child, I remember I use to love unicorns.  My best friend and I tied her mother's
old stockings to the back of our pants and pretended to be horses 
(the stockings of course being the horse's tail) galloping around the backyard!
  Did you play pretend as a child?  Tell us your story in the comments!

So, new this week in my shop is a little mermaid!
I've had the idea for a couple of weeks and it started out as a little doodle,
initially without any arms, but my older brother pointed out that you can't have 
a mermaid without arms!  

This little mermaid still doesn't have a name! Any suggestions?!?

March 9, 2015

Remember Monsters Inc

This week my inspiration comes from Monsters Inc.
Definitely one of my all-time favorite children's movies starring big, fluffy loveable
Sully and his funny sidekick, Mike Wazowski!

Starting with some aquamarine fleece and a matching wad of fluffy fur 
I came up with this little guy...  

This blue monster is one of my original designs and he comes with a pair 
of green hand painted plastic safety eyes, which makes him 100% child safe.

He has soft pink cheeks and his eyebrows, mouth and teeth were hand stitched
with embroidery thread giving him a soft expression.

Mr. Monster measures 8 inches high and 8 inches wide (not including his horns) and makes
a great snuggle buddy, soft toy or children's room decor piece!

Mr. Monster will be available in my Etsy shop tonight at 8pm!

March 3, 2015

Pugsley is BACK!! AND our first Giveaway!!

Update:  Congratulations to Tiana Summers 

on winning the cat magnet set!!

This week I decided little Pugsley needed a "makeover"!
He has gone from being flat, with a collar, arms and legs...

... to the new compact, version.
I'm still deciding whether or not I want to stick with the light pink inner ears
or go with the dark pink inner ears.  

What do you think?  Which Pugsley do you like better?
A. Pugsley with body, collar, arms and legs. (Pictured above)
B. Round head Pugsley. (Pictured below)

Leave your vote (A or B) in the comments below and stand a chance 
to win a free handmade 6 piece magnet set!

Thank you for voting!!! 

The winner of this giveaway will be announced on Friday March 20th!