November 19, 2015

Little Leopards!

This week I completed a basket full of little leopard cubs!

These little leopards were made from printed anti-pill fleece and because of how
the pattern is laid down on the fabric each leopard's print is unique.

They are the perfect pocket sized pet!

Find these little leopards and many more on my Etsy shop!

Another heads up for those of you following my blog...
next week I'll have a BIG sale over Thanksgiving!

For four days ONLY get 20% OFF ALL items listed 
on Ponki And Jeani!

I'll post more info on how you can get your 20% off on 
Thanksgiving Day next week, so stay tuned!

Until then...
Have a wonderful week!
P & J

November 12, 2015

Safari Animals!

Today I've added a new addition to the clan of safari animals I've been making.

Zoonie, like most zebra's, like nothing more than to hang out with his fellow zebras...
roaming the wild open spaces of the African savanna and eating the lush green 
grass sprouted by the summer rains!

Zoonie joins his other safari friends... Leonard the Lion, Randy the Rhino

Have a wonderful week!
P & J

October 26, 2015

Halloween SALE!

I'm having a "Happy Halloween Sale" this week!
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Check out some of these limited time only Halloween items in my shop...

Pumpkin lovin' Bat!

Creepy Spider!

And... the infamous Z-man!
Happy Halloween!

October 19, 2015

Jeremy Giraffe!

Not Halloween related, but I've gotten several requests now for a giraffe.
Meet Jeremy the Giraffe!

He is available in my Etsy shop... ready to ship out to his new home!

Have a splendid week!
P & J

October 16, 2015

DIY - Frankenstein Pillow

It's been a whole year since I've done my first tutorial, so another tutorial has been long overdue.
This year I decided to do something more along the lines of what I make on a regular basis, which is stuffed toys... I give you the Frankenstein pillow!

This pattern is best printed and enlarged to fit on a ledger (11"x17") but for a small neck pillows it can also be printed on an 8.5"x 11".

You'll need:
  • 1 pair of 21mm plastic safety eyes (you can also use felt circles instead for eyes).
  • 1 sheet of 8x11 felt in black, white and pink.
  • 1/4 of a yard of fleece in green, brown, black and light grey. (if you enlarge your pattern to 11 x 17 you'll need 1/2 yard of each).
  • Scissors.
  • Needle and black embroidery thread.
  • Sewing Machine.
  • Dressmakers Marker.
  • Awl.
  • Polyfill.
  • Pattern.

Step 1
Cut out all the pattern pieces according to the pattern directions.

Step 2
Take the green body piece and lay it down right side up on your working surface.  Pin the white collar down, right side up, to the front of the body as indicated on the pattern, then pin down the brown shirt so that it overlaps the white collar. 

Use your sewing machine and sew along the red dashed line first leaving about a 1/4 of an inch seam allowance, then sew along the white dashed line as indicated in the image below.

Step 3
Using small scissors, trim off the excess fabric on the side of your seam.

Step 4
Next pin the hair to the other side of your body piece, right side facing up, and sew along the white dashed line as indicated in the image below, leaving about a 1/4 of an inch seam allowance.

Step 5
Pin down the pink round cheeks as as indicated on the pattern and sew along the edge of each cheek piece leaving about a 1/4 of an inch seam allowance.

Step 6
Use a dressmakers marker to mark where you want to insert your plastic safety eyes. 
(Please note: if you are using felt eyes, pin them in position and sew them on using the same method as the cheeks in step 6)  Use a tapered awl to create two holes for the plastic safety eyes.  

Insert the eyes through the holes and then fasten the washer to the back of the eye. 
Press your washers down until there is no space left between the fabric, the eye and the snap.

Step 7
Pin two of the bolt pieces together and sew along the top leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Trim off the excess edge.

Step 8
Pin the bolts to the front of the face so they face inwards towards the cheeks as shown in the image below.

Step 9
Lay the back piece on top of the face, right sides facing each other, and pin the edges together.  Sew along the edge using a 1/4 of an inch to 1/2 an inch seam allowance leaving a three inch opening on the side. 

Step 10
Cut off the excess seam and turn your Frankenstein inside out through the opening you left on the side.

Step 11
Generously stuff your Frankenstein pillow with polyfill and close the side opening using a needle and thread using small hemming or overcast stitches.

Step 12
Using your dressmakers marker, draw on details such as the mouth and eyebrows.  Use black embroidery thread to sew on your details by hand. 

Step 13
Congratulations!  You've done it!!!  

Have a wonderful weekend!

October 14, 2015

Itsy Bitsy Spider

I started working on some Halloween items this week... meet the Itsy Bitsy Spider!
This guy has bendable legs which make him posable in various positions.

He'll be available in my Etsy shop only for a limited time before he crawls back 
to his spiderweb in the woods!

Remember Bugsby the bat?  
He loves to drink pumpkin juice and his favorite 
snack is a slice of pumpkin bread and butter!
He is also available in my shop for a limited time only!

Stay tuned for some more Halloween inspired 
plushies throughout October!


October 6, 2015

Purple Squirrels

Hi Everyone!

The last week I've been covered in purple fur and fleece!  I got a big custom order for purple squirrels from a recruiting company that I finally finished this morning.  Apparently a 
"purple squirrel" is a term used by recruiters for a candidate with precisely the right education, experience, and qualifications that perfectly fits a job's multifaceted requirements.  Who knew!?!  

Purple squirrels taking shape!  Pinned and ready to be sewn.

The first four complete and posing with my original squirrel that made his first appearance in April...
he was overseeing the production process. 

I finally finished all eight squirrels... so of course... I had to make a little squirrel tower!

Ready to be boxed up for their trip to Pennsylvania!

Have a smashing week and stay tuned for some
Halloween items coming up later on this week!
P & J

September 28, 2015

Monkey Business

I think just about everybody knows the rhyme "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed..."
so this week's special treat is monkeys of course!

Usually my work doesn't come out exactly like the original hand drawn idea  that I start out with, because I always end up making small changes to the design as I go through the creation process, 
but this week I think my idea and the end result is almost an exact match.

I try to start most of my designs with a drawn out sketch of what I have in mind.
I've had my "spur of the moment" designs in the past where I would just take a piece of fabric.. cut it and sew it,
but I recommend thinking things through first in order to save on your fabric bill. 

For all my pieces I create my own pattern from scratch. This little monkey is getting cheeks and a mouth!

The finished piece! Not really thrilled with the fact that he now has to sit through a photoshoot...

but reluctantly he warm up to the idea and gave me his best 'Calvin Klein' pose!


September 11, 2015

Veggies Galore!

Happy Friday Everyone!

New in my shop this week is a trio of vegetables!  They are each sold individually, or you can buy them as a set of three.  A healthy addition to any toy box!

Have a smashing weekend!
P & J

August 31, 2015

Pear with me!

Hi Everyone and Happy Monday!

New in my shop this week is this cute little pear!  He'll be shipping out with some pineapples and a few other fruit all the way to Laguna Hills, California by the end of this week.

I'm thrilled to announce I got an invitation from the editor of STUFFED Magazine last week to submit some of my items for an upcoming issue.   I'm ecstatic and honored to have gotten this opportunity.  This is definitely a dream come true for me!

I'm not yet certain in which issue my items will be featured, but I'll be sure to keep you up to date!

Wishing everyone an AWESOME week!
P & J

August 24, 2015

Custom Orders & then some...

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in a while and thought I'd do a little update today!  Thanks to all my awesome customers, business is booming, which unfortunately leaves a little less time to update my blog and other pages, but please know I haven't forgotten about you!!

This week I've worked on several custom orders which I absolutely LOVE doing!  I love challenging myself to create items I've never done before, partially because of the problem solving aspect behind it and seeing things turn out how I envisioned.

My biggest challenge this week was creating a big bearded dragon plushie.  I ended up loving it so much that I had a hard time shipping it out... hahaha!

My Bearded Dragon Plushie!

I've also been working on some mini strawberry plushies (now available here)...

Strawberry Breakfast Bowl

Strawberry Triplets
AND... I'm also working on some new Halloween themed plushies which will become available starting today through the end of September!

Bat vs. Pumpkin!

Wishing everyone an AWESOME week!
P & J.