May 22, 2018

Pattern Review - Funky Friends Factory Ollie the Owl Pattern

If you love sewing plushies I highly recommend checking out the sewing patterns at 
Funky Friends Factory!  They are super cute and you can find patterns for all sewing skills -
from beginners to advanced.

This week I tried out Ollie the Owl and was very pleased with the end result!

Ollie the owl is about 13 inches (30 cm) tall when finished and you can use
either stretchy fleece or cotton fabric to make Ollie.  I used a combination of fleece,
felt and minky fabric to make Ollie.

Even though the pattern is easy to follow you do need some basic sewing skills
and know-how to understand the pattern and complete Ollie.
I stuffed Ollie with doll grade Polyester Fiberfill to make him soft and snuggly.

My overall rating for this Ollie the Owl pattern is 5 out of 5!
Easy, Adorable and Fun!

I have one Ollie as pictured up for grabs in my Etsy Shop

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

April 15, 2018

Earth Day!

Earth Day is a week away and I'm celebrating our beautiful planet...
our amazing awe inspiring home in the cosmos, with some new items this week!

April 10, 2018


Hi Everyone!

I have ton of new items available on Ponki and Jeani this year and many more designs that are in the works which will be posted in the days to come! 

Here are one of the new designs you might have seen if you've recently visited my Etsy shop...
Goldfish in three colors - yellow, orange and calico!


If you are a fish enthusiast and enjoy sewing on the side, you can find this fishy pattern by Cholyknight's listed on their Etsy shop for around $5-$20 depending on the variation you get!  
The pattern is super cute, with easy instructions and comes in six variations - (fox, kitty, panda, alpaca, bunny, fish).